Disability Insurance

Never be stuck without income should you suddenly become disabled and lose your job.
A living benefit that offers peace of mind
Protection you can count on
Affordable premiums of your choosing

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Protect Your Income Should Unthinkable Happen

Disability Insurance is fairly straightforward. If you lose your ability to earn an income, you can be protected from income loss with this kind of insurance.

Here’s how it works. You choose the amount – an amount that reflects your current salary, or perhaps a fraction of that salary. (Those who believe their expenses may be less if they are disabled and unable to work). You choose the time period. Both of those choices will be reflected in the premiums you pay.

Yes, some may have a health insurance plan that helps with medical bills. But those plans won’t replace your lose income. Other plans might include a company disability insurance policy. Those, however, are of limited import. We can help fill in the missing pieces of your company’s plan.

The best part of all this? You can choose a Rider that allows you to get all your premiums back if you don’t develop a disability by your end date!

Choose disability income protection suited to your needs.

Insurance Optimal offers several different plans that can help you preserve your income if you become disabled. We’ve designed them to offer a range of benefit and premium options to suit your occupation, income level and other factors. Depending on the plan you select, your coverage can include:

Total disability benefits
Choose an amount that reflects what you earn now.
Partial disability benefits
For lower premiums, choose a partial benefit.
Return of premiums
You can opt for a complete refund if you don’t get sick.
Your choice of benefit periods
Choose the time period you want to be covered.
Your choice of end date
Choose the date you want your benefits to end.
Your choice of premium options
To fit your budget or career stage.

To determine what amounts and types of disability insurance you need, call us to set up a meeting.

Be protected should life take an unexpected turn
You never know where life’s trajectory will take you. Don’t get stuck in a nursing home or low-income housing just because you lost your job.
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Insurance at affordable rates
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