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Travel health emergency coverage

If you’re travelling the world, or even within Canada, there can be emergency medical costs that you didn’t plan for and that aren’t covered by government insurance. Emergency Medical Insurance makes sure you’re covered, when you need it, no matter where you are.

No one expects to have an accident when they’re travelling, but they do happen.
If you’re headed off to school in another province or abroad, make sure you check out our Student Travel Plan(s).
Travel insurance plans give you the freedom to choose the coverage that best suits your travel needs. From emergency medical to trip cancellation insurance, we’ve covered the bases so you can get out there and enjoy your adventure.
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Super Visa Insurance

Missing your family who is overseas? We are here to reunite your parents and grandparents with minimal hassle.

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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Prepare for a hassle-free visit to Canada with our Visitors to Canada Insurance. Our product offers travel medical coverage that’s easy, affordable and user-friendly so you don’t end up draining savings.

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Student Travel Insurance

Studying in another province or country shouldn’t leave you without the protection you need to have a healthy and happy school year. This plan checks off “prepared for medical emergencies” so you can focus on getting good marks and making the most out of your adventure.

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Travelling Canadians Insurance

Flying for a quick trip or business meeting anywhere in the world? Travelling Canada Insurance is imperative to cover your medical expenses in the event you require care while abroad.

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Coverage for pre-existing conditions
You can get travel medical emergency coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if the conditions are stable for six months prior to coverage start date.
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